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Project Equity in the news

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Project Equity is working to create an equitable, sustainable economy in low-income communities through employee-owned and cooperative businesses. These kind of businesses have shown to increase job quality and stability, invest locally, and have demonstrable positive impact on job creation and environmental sustainability.

We knew what wonderful things they were doing… and now so does the San Francisco Bay area. Check out the coverage in the SF Chronicle here.

Rockefeller Foundation gives $4.6 million grant to T4CI project, Bay Area: Resilient by Design

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Excited to announce a new $4.6M grant from The Rockefeller Foundation to help the Bay Area with our new project, Bay Area: Resilient by Design Challenge. This new competition seeks to tackle the very real threat of climate change by bringing together top innovators, policymakers, designers, architects, developers, and others to create long-lasting infrastructure solutions for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Most importantly, this challenge will bring together communities and in turn solutions that will yield multiple benefits to both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

This innovative challenge is the first-ever to be modeled after the award-winning Rebuild by Design Hurricane Sandy Design Competition, which was pioneered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation.

Resilient by Design will be divided into two phases:

  1. In the first phase, teams will participate in a three to six month research and community engagement period to develop and propose design solutions for specific
  2. Phase two of the challenge will be a collaborative design phase with teams working in partnership with residents, businesses, community-based organizations, and political leaders to develop implementable infrastructure projects.

Beginning in April 2017, Resilient by Design will invite designers, architects, developers, and financial supporters to create and begin implementing 10 visionary, realistic, and replicable design solutions.

Find out more here:  http://www.resilientbayarea.org/