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T4CI Salutes César Chávez

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The last day of March is César Chávez’s birthday. The late social justice worker was also committed to helping the earth. He equated the farmer workers he worked for as the canaries in coal mines.

“Farm workers are society’s canaries.Those who live in the area of grape vineyards are constantly exposed to cancer, birth deformity, miscarriages, sterility, respiratory difficulties and death. You find toxic substances in the fields, streets, soils, air, water, playgrounds, parks, and the poison and killing of children continues unabated.”

Take a look at this mini bio of the inspiring leader:

Welcome, Healthy Food Action!

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The Trust for Conservation Innovation warmly welcomes Healthy Food Action to our project portfolio!  Healthy Food Action helps health professionals who are on the front lines of obesity and other food-related epidemics take public action to support a healthier food system for all Americans, including more sustainable farms to grow and produce healthy food. By speaking out, health professionals can lend their unique, collective voice to public policy debates about food and farming – a voice to ensure that these policies are consistent with better health.

Learn more about Healthy Food Action.