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Join us: Faith, Family Farms, & Food Access Conference

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T4CI program, The Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative, is hosting its fifth annual “Faith, Family Farms, & Food Access” conference on Tuesday, March 21st from 1:30 to 7:30 pm.     

The conference features Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and secular speakers, including Bay Area and national innovators implementing sustainability and food access programs. Presenters also include farmers seeking to partner with local congregations to establish CSA (Community Supported  Agriculture) drop sites and produce stands at faith-based sites.  

Go to www.interfaithfood.org or call (707) 634-4672 for more information.

The conference is supported with key funding from: California Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Block Grant Program and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

Learning More About The Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative

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steve-schwartzBringing Disparate Religious Congregations Together Over a (Locally/Sustainably Grown) Meal: An interview with Steve Schwartz, Executive Director, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative

How do you accomplish such an ambitious mission?

We help people start community gardens, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture farms) relationships with local farms, and we help people who are working on these types of food system projects network with other congregations. For instance, there is a Lutheran church in Santa Rosa who is interested in learning about how to support local food – there might not be a Lutheran congregation in the same area, but there might be a local Buddhist or Jewish congregation that is doing something similar and can help. Our first conference was in April with 25 congregations represented, including Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists. Continue reading