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How much do you know about farm animals?

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September 17-23 is National Farm Animal Awareness Week. From goats to pigs, from cows to horses, and everything in between, we all have a favorite.

And we wondered how much do you know about these important creatures?  Ready to find out?  Take our quiz (and share it too).

How much do you know about farm animals?

Take this farm animal quiz!

Ag Stats: What You Probably Don’t Know

Consider this: just about everything we eat, wear and use comes from American agriculture.

It’s an entire industry dedicated to providing plentiful and safe food for consumption, as well as a wide range of comfortable, fashionable clothing choices. From beef and pork to cotton and corn, agriculture is working harder than ever to meet the needs of Americans and others around the world. (Agriculture is this nation’s #1 export.)

At T4CI, we focus on supporting sustainable agriculture initiatives which do so much for a healthy economy.

What’s sustainable agriculture? In simplest terms, it’s the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.

In honor of National Agriculture Month, we are sharing some stats you might not know about agriculture in general.

Want to learn more about a few of our agriculture initiatives which are helping to create a sustainable and just food system? Check out :

  • Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative –  brings together sustainable farmers, environmental, public health, social and economic justice, and animal welfare organizations to work on systemic change required to establish a sustainable and just animal agriculture system.
  • Change Food – helps individuals change the way they eat by raising public awareness and educating consumers about opportunities to shift the U.S. food supply to a sustainable food system where healthy, nutritious food is accessible by all.
  • Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative – connects faith congregations in Sonoma and Marin counties with local farmers and gardeners to increase community access to healthy food produced in a sustainable, socially just manner.
  • Kitchen Table Advisors – provides farmers with business and financial advising and help farmers access the tools, knowledge and resources they need on their path to becoming resilient and viable businesses.
  • PiggyBank – provides an open forum, where the public will have access to information on all heritage breed pigs and access business plans written by other farmers.