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Welcome to the Grumeti Community and Wildlife Conservation Fund!

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TCI is pleased to welcome the Grumeti Community and Wildlife Conservation Fund to our growing portfolio of Habitat and Species Conservation programs! Based in Tanzania, the Grumeti Fund works to safeguard and enhance Africa’s Serengeti ecosystem in the Singita Grumeti reserve.  Grumeti Fund’s programs are diverse and include habitat protection, anti-poaching activities, fire management, the prevention of invasive species that threaten the native ecosystem, environmental education, and natural resource conservation.  Grumeti Fund also supports surrounding communities by helping them meet basic needs through the development of clean water systems and by fueling sustainable jobs and resource-based enterprises.

Founded by seasoned international conservationists, the Grumeti Fund is a Tanzanian non-governmental organization.  In the United States, the Grumeti Fund is sponsored by TCI and tax-deductible contributions received by TCI are regranted to the Grumeti Fund to support their charitable work.

Learn more about the Grumeti Fund.

Welcome, Congo Education Partners!

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We’re excited to welcome Congo Education Partners (CEP) to our project portfolio.  Nearly half of the remaining African rainforests are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they face threats from all directions — wildlife poaching, population growth, slash-and-burn agriculture, and more. CEP is working to educate future stewards of the Congo by building the capacity of Djolu Technical College of Rural Development in biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, and other rural sciences.

Learn more about Congo Education Partners.